Peruvian higher-education is receiving a boost from increasing collaboration between the public and private sector. Globalization, government-incentives, and innovation have set the direction.

Juan Manuel Ostoja
San Ignacio de Loyola Corporation (USIL)

Right now, we are considered to be a middle-income country. However, we have the education standards of a poor country. Probably the biggest problem right now that Peru faces is the standard of education. We should aspire as to be considered a country with a great education system.

We should increase the public education budget, the current 3.5% is not good enough. But, we also need the private sector. The government can’t achieve those targets alone. Our university promotes an innovative approach to education. Ultimately, that is the role of the private sector in education, to improve and innovate.

In Peru, for example, we trained our students not only to become good employees, we also taught them how start their own company. We focus on globalization. The problems we have are mostly because of the bad decisions that were made by the government 30 years ago, however, now there is an impetus for change and universities are focused on achieving results.